Dear Runner,

Snohomish Running Company is seeking about 15 more people to join our ambassador team in 2019. As an ambassador, you will receive exclusive perks and be a trusted part of the Snohomish Running Company. You will help promote SRC events throughout the year, and we will advertise your personal blog, group, or network to our participants. Both the events and your personal interests will reach a larger audience this way.

As with any position and title, there are a few requirements. (Remember, there are perks, too!)

The first requirement is that you are passionate about health and fitness. Have fun with it! There is no minimum pace per mile requirement or number of finish lines—it’s about promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoying it with those around us. Our tag line is “a premium running experience” and that is what we strive to give each participant from the moment they register for a race to the moment they leave the finish line area.

Secondly, you will be responsible for finding at least five volunteers for one of the SRC events in 2019. At that same race, you will volunteer at the SRC booth to promote our other events.

New this year: you will join other SRC staff and ambassadors at a minimum of two group runs. These might be a preview run of a course or a group run in your area.

Lastly, you will be required to write a unique post about each of our races and two for your chosen volunteer race. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, or your personal blog and have it shared to one of these platforms. Be creative, tell a story, or share a memory; invite the people in your life to share a race day with us.

On to the perks: first, you will run two races on our schedule, of your choice, for free!

Secondly, you will receive exclusive SRC apparel and be eligible for significant discounts from our sponsors throughout the year.

Next, you will have your own discount code that works for all our races. You earn points based on how many participants use your code for our events throughout the year. For example, 50 usages = 50 pts. These points may be used on SRC or one of our sponsor’s products.

Finally, we will feature you and your blog on our website! We will have a dedicated page for ambassadors on the SRC site, and we are always willing to share important, helpful, fun links and stories on our facebook pages.

If you are excited about being a Snohomish Running Company ambassador for 2019, email Sarah Maxwell at by Friday, Dec. 21st. Please include why you are interested in the position, which SRC races you have participated in, and a brief summary of yourself. We want to get to know you and why running is part of your story.

Thank you!

Snohomish Running Company