Thank you so much for participating in IRACELIKEAGIRL Virtual 5K! First off, we know that this is a virtual run. However, we still want to see you in action. Share a portion of your run in an Instagram story and your Instagram Feed. Below are some graphics for you to use on Instagram and also some stickers you can put on photos when posting.

  • Please tag @Snohomish_Running_Co and @iracelikeagirl
  • Add the song Just Like Fire by Pink
  • With #RunSRC #iracelikeagirl5K
  • And don't forget to list your distance and time
  • Add the virtual bib number shown below to your feed or story
Everyone who does this will be entered to win prizes from HyperIce, Topo Athletic, IRACELIKEAGIRL and Snohomish Running Company.

We have also setup a IRACELIKEAGIRL Virtual Club on Strava along with a Facebook Event Page. Come show off your achievement on on Strava and Facebook. These are great communities of runners to help keep you motivated and to compete with!

It is really important that we continue to show everyone that we can still run. We can still live. We can still set goals and achieve more that we think we can. It's important we show people that we need to Keep Moving Forward. That's why it's important all of you share your stories virtually.



We attached two images (below) you can use on your Insta story feed if you want. Just press on the image to download it to your phone and add it to your story.


(If you use the layout option on stories you can include it in a column, or share it on it's own, it's really all up to you. If the box isn't popping up to download it click on View In Browser at the top and then it will work).If using your phone you can also do a screenshot and then edit and write on the graphic.


Digital Stickers

Below is a dropbox link where you can get IRLAG Virtual 5K Digital Stickers. These are stickers in which you can put on photos. Here is an example:

Participant Details

1.) RACE PACKETS - We have already shipped all race packets for those who registered by the end of the day on February 28th. The time it will take for everyone to receive their packets will depend upon your location. Most should arrive by March 5th. Being that March 5th is International Women's Day we would love to get as many of you out there running on that day as possible. However, it's not mandated. For those who registered after February 28th we will ship packets out daily.

2.) WHEN TO RUN - Participants can run anytime of their choosing starting on March 5th through March 21st. Obviously you are more than welcome to run as often as you would like during that time. However, you can only log or record 1 result. It is not necessary for you to run with your bib number or race shirt. However, it does make for better social media posting.

3.) RESULTS - Please log your results at the link below. Please log only 1 result along with a link to your GPS data if you are not part of the Strava club.

4.) AWARDS - Prizes will not be based upon how fast you run. Prizes will be given randomly based on social media posting and tagging. However, we will be mailing out certificates to the top runners which will be autographed by Angela Naeth! Angela is not eligible to win.