Janelle Blair Page

I am a mom of two boys, ages 11 and 13, who keep me very busy. I’ve worked at Boeing for almost 8 years, which has allowed me to complete my Bachelors degree (just applied for my masters), purchase my first home and meet some amazing people; People who would become my friends, trainers, believers, motivators and mentors to me. 

Running was never my go-to, or my exercise of choice, until a new friend persuaded me to join him on one of his “easy 5 mile” runs… Ok, maybe he had to drag me along and it was awful, or so I thought! The more I started running, the more I started to really enjoy it and all the benefits that came along with it; the amazing weight loss (30+lbs from adding running, had already lost almost 80lbs), toned physique, stress reducer & a way to connect with myself thatI had never experienced. Running has become something I truly enjoy& even though life gets busy & I may not be able to get out as much as I like, it has become part of me and who I am. I am so glad I decidedok, my friend decided, that I should go and run with him almost four yrs ago, it’s been a very rewarding addition to my life.