Jennifer Morgan

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I am a solid middle of the pack Masters runner trying to get a little closer to the front with every race. I started running in 2007 to impress a guy I was dating and fell in love with the sport even if I never fell in love with the guy. Although I have yet to run a marathon, I still consider myself a serious runner. Running helps me focus my nervous energy and empowers me to feel strong and capable. I believe that every body can run. I have successfully raced 20 races in 2019 and feel ready to finally cross that 26.2 finish line in 2020. Since moving to Seattle from the east coast in 2004, I have fallen deeply in love with the pacific northwest. I am a true pluviophile and LOVE everything about the rain- yes, even running in it. I live in north Seattle with my partner and our two cats. I am a public health nurse and total science geek as well as a member of the Oiselle Volee. When I am not running or working, you can find me cooking vegan food, reading a book or nerding out over some Star Trek or Harry Potter.