Kriss Schatza

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Hello! my name is Kriss and I may have a running problem…I wasn’t always a runner. In fact, when I started running in 2008, I did so at night, so I would not be seen. I would run from one telephone pole to the next and walk to the next and then run again, and when I say run, I mean sort of wog (walk/jog)… was a slow go at first because I was a good 50 pounds overweight. This was THE BEST thing I ever did for myself: to leave the comfort zone of my couch and put myself out on those city sidewalks. Flash to 2017 and I now have run 9,843 miles (not that I am obsessed with numbers or my spreadsheet of my races!) I am Half Fanatic #11610, having completed 54 half marathons, 4 full marathons (the Marine Corp Marathons three times and the Tacoma City marathon once.) In all, I have raced in 145 chip timed races, along with numerous virtual or fun runs that were not officially timed. I have also completed two Seattle Quadzukis: 4 half marathons in 4 days! I mentor for my local running store, and I love running and all things running related. Runners are my favorite people and seeing runners set and meet their goals is one of my favorite things of all time. I am proud to be an ambassador for The Snohomish Running Company as they embrace some of the same core values that I do. All paces and all levels of fitness are promoted at Snohomish Running Company. They appreciate all runners. They put on awesome races where they anticipate and meet runner’s needs. Do not get me started on their swag…. where else can you get pajama pants and toboggan beanies??  I encourage you to find me on the race course and say hello. If you aren’t a runner, or are on the injured list they have cool volunteer opportunities as well…. come run with us!