Maureen Hammer

My life changed for the better when a close friend encouraged me to step out of my 5k comfort zone and conquer my first 10k in the fall of 2014: the Snohomish River Run. My self confidence grew and I became a believer that any goal was possible if you work for it!
That being so very true, because five years later, at the Snohomish River Run, I ran my first Full marathon in October 2019! I love the local running community we have here. I feel so blessed and want to pay it forward and help people conquer their fears, achieve goals, and encourage them as I was!
My family is my inspiration to keep striving for health and finding the laughter, joy and hope in each day! I have the pleasure of working at a non-profit in Everett,also a certified fitness trainer and Mom of an amazing 7 year old boy! Outside of running and work life, we enjoy our “not so little” backyard garden. We love eating the fruits and veggies of our labor. Hubby picks it, I cook it!