Maureen Hammer

My life changed for the better when a close friend encouraged me to step out of my 5k comfort zone and conquer my first 10k in the fall of 2014, the Snohomish River Run.  My self confidence grew and I became a believer that any goal was possible if you work for it!  I have gone on to run many more races, including a few half marathons. I faced another big goal in May of 2017 and took the stage for my first body building bikini competition.  I am a stay at home Mom, a personal trainer, and an online boutique business owner.  I feel so blessed and have a vision to pay it forward and help people conquer their fears, achieve goals, and encourage them!  My family is my inspiration to keep striving for health and finding the laughter in each day!  We also enjoy our “not so little” backyard garden. We love eating the fruits and veggies of our labor.  Hubby picks it, I cook it!