Tammy Taylor

Hi fellow SRC running enthusiasts, my name is Tammy Taylor. I am called mom, teacher, and tea party VIP by three kiddos, 11, 5, and almost 3. They are my joy and my purpose in life whether I’m homeschooling, running or anything in between. My best friend through thick and thin is my husband Keith of 14 years.

My running journey has been such a gift. I enjoy gathering neighbors, community, and friends to share the enthusiasm and passion I hold in my heart for running and everything it does for a person.

I didn’t take to distance running until later in life. I am now going on 45 in March and have run 12 marathons and over a dozen halfs as well as several 5 & 10k’s.
My running roots are in blue ~ Wear Blue Run to Remember is my “running family” and the beginning of marathon distances.
I continue to run in blue as a second year SRC ambassador for a running company that is so much more than a distance or a time but the journey along the way.

My goals for 2019 include running, of course, and continuing to share a joy for running within our community. If you see me stretching my soles, please introduce yourself! I’d love to hear why you are running and what moves YOUR soul.